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What does MTFU stand for?

What does MTFU stand for? I don’t know.

When you look at a painting a lot goes through your mind and if you look deep enough it can often strike a chord and it becomes so obvious what the artist was trying to convey. The same can be said for photographs, song lyrics, poetry, literature, film and design. What a lot of people don’t realize is that while it’s OBVIOUS to you what something is supposed to mean it can (and it can be argued it will) mean something different to someone else.

It’s obvious that this sailor really loves this nurse. Nope – they didn’t even know each other.

When I started this brand I thought I had a clear vision of what it meant. I mean it’s my brand right? I should know what it means. Man The Fuck Up was going to be a rallying cry for people who needed a push to get through a difficult circumstance or situation. Which in itself is completely fine, but where I made a mistake was thinking that it would mean the same thing to everyone who bought a t-shirt. I quickly realized that the brand was going to be something larger than I had anticipated. As I talked to more and more people who saw my first t-shirt it became obvious that MTFU meant something different for everyone. Which opened my eyes considerably and made me realize that I had tapped into something that I hadn’t anticipated and MTFU was going to be bigger than I originally thought. I don’t think it just means that anymore. It stands for something else (but that’s just me).

I get asked all the time, what does MTFU stand for? I knew the answer when I first started the company. As I was creating the first t-shirt design I had a clear vision for the company and the brand. I know now that it is going to strike a different chord inside of you than it does me. It’s going to speak to you in a different way than it does me. You are going to feel different wearing it than I do when I’m wearing it. Which is awesome. Just be ready, because you’re going to be asked what MTFU stands for? The answer I give…

What do you stand for?


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